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County League Fed Bowls - Answers to FAQ:

  1. Dress code:

    1. Grey trousers or grey shorts supplied by a retailer with no logo other than the manufacturer's name.

    2. White tops, or coloured shirts where registered with the county, all players must be similarly dressed.

    3. White rainwear if worn, and regulation bowls shoes.

  2. All games to start at 6.45pm except from the 1st August ​when 6.30pm applies. Fifteen minutes will be allowed for late arrival. No player may take part after this waiting time no matter the reason.

  3. In a rink with a player short the playing order shall be Lead, Lead, Two, Lead, Lead, Two, Lead, Lead, Two then the skips. No player to have two consecutive woods.

  4. Starting a match: the mat must be placed lengthwise and centred in a line with the with the centrelines marking the rink, with the front edge 2m from the ditch for the first end and not less than 2m in any subsequent end. The mat after the first end may be moved up the green so long as a 23 metre cast can be attained.

  5. Movement of bowls: a bowl which runs off the green or is driven into the ditch by the effects of play shall be counted dead, and shall be removed to the bank; if any part of a bowl comes to rest on or over the dividing line it shall be considered dead and shall be removed and placed on the bank.

  6. Movement of jack: if the jack is forced into the ditch by the effects of play it shall be deemed to be live and played to, its position being indicated by a suitable marker placed above it on the face of the bank; if by the effects of play any part of the jack comes to rest on or over the dividing line of the rink or over the bank it shall be declared a dead end which shall be replayed in the same direction.

  7. Results of an end: no bowl shall count that lies more than 2m from the jack. When, at the conclusion of an end, a tie for the first shot occurs or if there is not a bowl within 2m of the jack, it shall be a tied end, and in a match of ends be counted as a played end. 

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